Man Rapes And Murders Boss’ 4-year-old Daughter, Then Returns To Work


Chilling footage shows the moment a man led his four-year-old boss’s daughter away from a sweetshop where he worked before allegedly raping and murdering her. Bholu, 24, can be seen walking hand-in-hand with the girl in the village of Asaoti, 40 miles from New Delhi, India.

Bholu, also known as Virender, had worked for the family for nine years before he allegedly raped and then stabbed to death his boss’s daughter. After the attack, he is said to have hidden the girl’s body in a container at the house he shares with his mother before returning to work. When the missing girl’s parents raised the alarm later that evening, Bholu volunteered to help search for her.

But suspicion fell on him when a neighbour said they recalled seeing Bholu walking with the girl and told her parents. The search party descended on his home and following a confrontation with his mother made the gruesome discovery, according to reports.

A medical examination confirmed the child had been raped before being killed. The unidentified girl’s father told reporters Bholu had allegedly played along with the search. He said he wanted the attacker to hang for the murder of his daughter. Bholu, who is married, has been arrested and is being questioned by police. Police officer Devender Singh said the accused man was arrested under child protection and sexual offences legislation. He said the force was using CCTV video, forensic evidence and eyewitness accounts.

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