Man With Biggest Feet In The World Gets New Pair Of Shoes (Photos)


The man with the biggest feet in the world has proudly showed them off for the cameras. Jeison Rodriguez might never be able to go bowling, but he can lay claim to having larger feet than any other human.

On the down side, the 22-year-old had to travel more than 5,000 miles just to pick up some new shoes to fit his size 32 feet. Jeison, from Venezuela, cannot buy shoes that fit in a normal shop, so has been working with specialist German shoemaker Georg Wessels for six years. He has now left his homeland for the first time ever to travel to Germany to make sure his new shoes fit.

Jeison is 7ft 3in, while his left foot is 1ft 3.6in and his right measures 1ft 3.8in. He suffers from acromegaly, a disorder that results in an excess growth hormone due to a benign tumour.

Mr Wessels said: ‘I got to know him six years ago when we were contacted by his nieces, who asked us if we could get him some shoes. ‘I made the footwear for him, which were way too small, so we had to make new shoes again.’ Before getting to know the shoemaker, Jeison said he had to make shoes from ‘trouser material’ – but the German has regularly sent him special orthopaedic shoes free of charge.

Mr Wessels added: ‘We have to make sure the shoes are strong as he weighs a lot more than us. ‘The shoes have to be stable, but at the same time soft as he is a diabetic.

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