Marriage For Me Isn’t A Do Or Die Affair – Dayo Amusa


Popular Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa talks about her music, acting career, daughter and marriage in this interview with the PUNCH. Read excerpts below:

Do you have a daughter?

I do not have a daughter. I have a little sister that a lot of people assume is my daughter. She is my mother’s last child.

Why have you not cleared the air before now?

I did not have any reason to do so. Everyone has their private life and I am not one that loves sharing hers. Anyone that assumes I have a child, I just keep mum till I am ready to talk about it.

Are you pressured by your mother to get married?

I get such talks from my mother but I also understand that she is doing that like any other parent would but as a person, you should not feel pressured to make certain decisions because everything would still be under control.

Based on some of your posts on social media, some people feel you have something against marriage…

I cannot crucify people for their opinion. I feel that being a single lady is not a disease and you should not be cast out because some people feel that because you attain some certain age, you ought to be married. We have a lot of people who got married at an early stage and the marriage broke up, there are some that wish that their marriages are over. For me, I always say that it is not a do or die affair.

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