Mother Cries Out After Her Pregnant Daughter Was Killed By Her Husband 4 Months Wedding


A newly married woman died on Saturday from domestic violence four months after her wedding and her mother has now spoken out about her daughter’s last moments.

Gloria Onyedikachi Odinma (nee Ngoforo) was 12 weeks pregnant when she was killed, according to her mother. According to the initial report shared by Facebook user Meg Barn, Gloria, who got married in February this year to Samuel Mgbeodinma, was killed by her husband on Saturday, June 16, 2018. Afterward, he allegedly put her corpse in his house and drove to his parents’ house, where he said nothing until the following morning.

Meg wrote:


Gloria’s mother Mrs Josephine NGOFORO who resides in Ilorin Kwara state and her younger sister Ogoochukwu Arinze called me yesterday..

SAMUEL MGBEODINMA,met her daughter In the month of August 2017,proposed to her in January 2018 and married her February 2018….

That was how Gloria moved in with Samuel at 72b Okeamu Street,Off Governor Road, ikotun Lagos.There have been series of complains from my daughter regarding her sisters in law Onyinye and peace.( Who are married)….who frequents her house to make trouble with her….

Few days before… the ugly incident Gloria called me and told me,that her father in-law… slapped her …. when I heard this ( I planned to come down to Lagos and see things for myself,but couldn’t immediately,because I was tied up some where)

On Saturday 16th of June 2018…. Gloria called me from this her number…(08060465493)… sounding very frightened,when asked what’s the problem was again?she told me her husband and sisters in law( Samuel… Onyinye and peace)were fighting her…

In confusion, I told her to run into the toilet and lock the door…… I tried several times to reach my daughter Gloria again,..but her number was switched off…. Even her husband’s phone number too was switched off

I couldn’t reach my daughter or the husband from that Saturday afternoon till Sunday morning,when Samuel MGBEODINMA called me and told me.he was with Gloria in the house,when she “”slipped”” and fell and died,Gloria is not epileptic

Gloria my daughter was 12 weeks pregnant….. when she was murdered…
Samuel MGBEODINMA give me back my daughter, her mother cried


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