PDP Elements Hindering APC Progressive Agenda – Tinubu


A former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has accused some members of the Peoples Democratic Party of hindering the progressive agenda of the ruling All Progressives Congress.

Tinubu said that many of those in critical positions in government agencies and ministries were fifth columnists in the party.

The former governor, who is also the national leader of the ruling APC, said these in a statement released by his media office in Abuja on Sunday.

He also accused the PDP of planning to loot the national treasury for 60 years before it was defeated by the APC in 2014.

Tinubu said, “I must mention something of high concern; our progressive agenda has been hampered because elements of the PDP remain embedded in many agencies and ministries so crucial to daily governance.

“They have been fifth columnists, undermining our policies at every turn. While impeding reform, they also plot the comeback of their reactionary brethren to power.

“This is something we should no longer abide. Our party teams with competent, reform-minded people who would perform admirably in these positions.

“It is time we swept out the PDP remnants and put in position, people who actually care about the citizens.

“Some among us feared that today we would be joined by the presence of rain. Don’t fret. Let the rain fall if it must. For it is a sign of a great washing.

“We, the party of the broom, should understand more than anyone else what this represents.

“The rain symbolises that we are to wash away the remaining shards of the old, unjust politics so that we can set forth a better path for Nigeria.”

He said many people had thought that the merger by different political parties that gave birth to the APC would be short-lived.Tinubu alleged that those against the formation of the ruling party employed many tactics to frustrate its emergence.

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