Real Madrid: Its Football History After Yet Another Champions League Win


Does winning the Champions’ League for the third time in a row enough of a yardstick to consider a team the best in the history of football? Why is everybody raising questions regarding the real position of the Spanish football team, Real Madrid from the standpoint of 63 years of history of the prestigious European cup? Is it due to jealousy of other teams or something else?

Real Madrid beat Liverpool in the finale of Champion’s League to become the winners of the European Cup for the fourth time; third time in a row. Despite their win, many players of the rival teams as well as the fans have questioned their performance.

Real Madrid always gives an outstanding performance in the UEFA Champions’ league but fails to maintain themselves in the domestic leagues. Not many Bet9Ja promotion code players expected it, but those who bet on Real Madrid winning the Champions League were in for a treat. They won money on a good margin, just like they wanted.

How Does Real Madrid Shape Up For the Other Competitions?

The main contention now for critics is that Real Madrid only seems to perform their best when it comes to the trophies and cups but kind of neglect themselves when it comes to the leagues. And for many classical fans, the leagues have a charm of it own that they cannot ignore.

Although not as illustrious as the European Cup, the domestic leagues are a deciding factor in the quality of the team and a measure of its capabilities. Although Real Madrid has backed the lead in CL for four times, they have won the domestic league only once. Many of their fans have been disappointed by the lousy performance they displayed in Copa del Rey and Supercopa de Espana.

The Fading Enthusiasm

The first victory of any team is the biggest and the most welcomed surprise among the fans. Consecutively, the second one is also a stunner but enjoys a little less enthusiasm than the first one.

The third victory in a row is almost an expected win and often taken for granted. Real Madrid seems to have been victims of this fading zest among the fans. During the early hours of the match against Liverpool, Real’s fans were highly anticipative, in fact almost sure of their win. In that case, does the team really hold that special spot or is it just an illusion of the scores?

The Bitter Comparison

Not to dishonour their glorious victory in the European Cup, the Real Madrid’s top players have portrayed something very opposite to faith in themselves and their team members. Strictly sticking onto business and putting the spirit of the game to a secondary position has made the analysts question if they can really be regarded as the greatest players in the history, especially when compared to the former players of the football championship.

For now though, we are sure Real Madrid fans are basking in the win.

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