Reasons Why You Should Start Consuming Vegetables Today


I love vegetables so much and I eat different kinds of it.l know some of you guys don’t love vegetable which you have your own reason of not being a fan, but I assure you that after reading this article, you would love to start including them into you diet.
At first, I wasn’t eating vegetables because I knew it’s benefits but because I love to eat them and I feel good after eating them. So if I would have dropped eating them today due to me knowing it’s benefits now I wouldn’t.
Here are the benefits.

•It makes you look young and beautiful-

Yes, you might wonder how true it is but it does.
After eating vegetables, you feeling good. It’s green and you know green simplifies life, nature, beauty..You are giving your body what it needs definitely it going to be refreshed and keep glowing.
Also, vegetables contain what we call cartenoids.
Now this cartenoids contains a powerful antioxidant that will protect your skin cells from premature ageing, and from the damage of UV rays, as well as providing anti-inflammatory benefits.
So you see, adding more vegetables to your diet helps keep you looking young and beautiful.

•It wards of disease-

I bet this could be the reason I hardly fall ill.
Like I said vegetables are pretty high in antioxidants which makes them wonderful for inflammation, and scavenging the free radicals which lead to the growth of cancerous cells.
I know most of you must have heard of chlorophyll.
Now chlorophyll is the molecule that absorbs sunlight and uses its energy to synthesis carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water; also known as photosynthesis.
It helps to oxygenates the blood, improves circulation, reduces DNA damage, fights infection, is anti-carcinogenic, and detoxifies the body of heavy metals.

it helps fights obesity-

Including veggies in your diet can help fight obesity.
Reason to this is that, veggies are low in calories.You only gain weight from food that are high in calories.Vegetables isn’t. Infact I see veggies as a cleanser. It helps detoxify your blood from disease, helps keep your weight in check and if you look forward to lose weight, then having more of vegetables in your diet is a way foward.

They are great source carbs-

Vegetables are great source of carbohydrates which are great for starting the day .This means that you can include it into your breakfast as it will keep you full and it digests with time.

They are high in fiber-

Food that are high in fiber are good for the body as it lowers the risk of having diabetes and heart disease.
Also if you are a fan of veggies you will notice that a little of it you consume make you fill full already.This is due to the high fiber contained in them.

They are very cheap-

Now this is the most interesting part.
Veggies are budget friendly, they don’t cost that much. So you can’t say is because it’s too costly that’s why you can’t afford them.I’m telling you now is not, you can afford it.
So go out today pick some veggies and include them into your diet and even if you dislike it so much still try eat some of it or try blending it together with some fruits and get those essential nutrient into you.


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