Senator Ben Bruce Calls Out Chude Jideonwo And Tolu Ogunlesi


Senator Ben Bruce who stated in his tweets that Goodluck Jonathan is from his constituency, called out Chude Jideonwo who alongside his partner, worked to bring in President Buhari’s government. The Bayelsa born Senator also called out Tolu Ogunlesi for urging Nigerians accept President Buhari, over same sins he nailed Goodluck Jonathan for.

The tweets from Senator Ben Bruce reads;

This is a young man who regularly mocked ex President @GEJonathan, then later informed Nigerians that the Holy Spirit directed him against Jonathan. After working to promote the present administration can he tell us what he is hearing from the Spirit?

Former President @GEJonathan is my constituent. I am his Senator. I watched for years as a few people attacked him unjustly and now praise the powers that be for those very same actions. My heart bleeds when I see what they did to a good man whose only crime was being too gentle!

I urge President Buhari to reconsider his decision not to sign the African Continental Free Trade pact. The idea of a visa free Africa is great. Nigeria can’t afford to be the odd man out. We will lose out in trade and our prestige and pride of place as the Giant of Africa.

This young man once asked Nigeria to declare May 29 as a National Day of Prayer for Nigeria’s deliverance from former President @GEJonathan. Today, this very same young man is urging Nigerians to accept President Buhari

This young man once declared that Nigeria could not survive another 4 years of @GEJonathan. Today, this very same young man urges Nigerians to accept 4 more years of President Buhari. In economy, security and youth empowerment, how is PMB better than GEJ?

Some people said Nigeria doesn’t need restructuring and I laughed. How can you say a nation with one of the highest numbers of private jet owners/users and yet without its own national line, doesn’t need restructuring? Obviously those with such views live in denial!

In 2014, a young man circulated an editorial calling on then President @GEJonathan to resign because he “can’t keep Nigerians safe”. Today, that very same young man is explaining why President Buhari deserves a 2nd term despite not keeping Nigerians safe

A young man once asked former President @GEJonathan to resign “if he was tired of leading the nation”. Today that very same young man now defends President Buhari who says there is nothing he can do about the security situation in Plateau and can only pray.

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