This Woman Choose Her Dogs Over Her Husband. See Why


A woman who claims she was given an ultimatum by her husband over him or the 30 dogs she has rescued says she is now single. Liz Hazlam, 49, said that husband Mike, 53, told her ‘it’s me or the dogs’.

Unwilling to compromise, she says she is now happier than ever. Liz, a mum-of-one said: ‘I thought after 25 years, he should know giving up the dogs was not what my intentions were. ‘He just got to the point where he had enough and he wanted to slow down. But I wasn’t prepared to give it all up. So he decided to go, and obviously that was his choice.’ Liz met Mike when she was 16 and left home to move in with him when she finished school.

The couple got married in January 1991 and they share a 22-year-old son, Ollie. Liz grew up with dogs for most of her life as her mother bred West Highland Terriers and her father owned an animal food business

Liz said her husband felt the relationship had become evolved around the dogs – which all have behavioural and medical problems and are not able to be re-homed. But 18 months on from the split, Liz says she and Mike have had no further contact, despite still being married.


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