Update On The Zambian Girl Who Died And Resurrected 2 Years Later


The story of the Zambian girl who died 2 years ago and returned home from Ndola’s Masala township has taken a new twist where another family is claiming to be relatives of the said girl.

Marion Gondwe of house number 0824 mine masala in Ndola is claiming to be the auntie to Winnie Lufunja the girl who is believed to have died two years ago and has now resurrected.

Ms Gondwe said the resurrected girl,believed to be Winnie is actually lroon Mwaba Mwape and is the daughter to Richard Mwape and Ireen Gondwe of Ndola.
She said the girl is 15 years old and was born on 19th August, 2002.

Ms Gondwe who claims to be the guardian to the said girl believes her alledged niece is not in her right state of mind as she has been showing strange behaviour as of monday last week. She said Winnie now Mwaba as she calls her was reported missing from home on Sunday,the matter which was later reported to the police.

Copperbelt police commission charity katanga said despite the new development to the story the police will continue with investigations. Ms Katanga said blood samples for DNA tests will be taken from the two families as well as from the exhumed bones to help ascertain the facts. Ms Katanga said this in an interview with Radio Icengelo news in Ndola today.

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