“Your Body’s Fake, Plastic” – Ghanaians Drag Moesha Boduong Over Her Massive Cleavage


A new video of Ghanaian celebrity Moesha Boduong making the rounds on social media. Moesha is captured turning herself in the video as a way to show the world what she has got, and also to admire her own body. Interestingly,Boduong Moesha seems to put on extra flesh recently as her body, as shown in the video on Instagram, indicates an increase in her ‘front’ and ‘back’.

She was reportedly attending the premiere of “My name is Ramadan” at the Silver Bird Cinema inside the Accra Mall on June 15, 2018. Understandably, Moesha’s new video has received much reactions from the public. Most of her fans and followers on social media believe that her body, as seen in the video is artificial. Though this has been the views of most Ghanaians, it is now believed that Moesha might have gone for extra body enhancement because she looks more ‘endowed’ in this video than the first.

triciagold_: “DNT be showing us ur bck Bcs it’s not natural and we don’t support this… Otherwise it will be influencing our young ladies negatively.”

tnailsnbeauty: “What a fake body, sex is what are you are good at, do you have to make every thing about sex, big as is a disease not a sexy thing, because I bet in between your thighs is very deep in black like my face ,, you are not sexy, but you look good for IndecentStar, xxxx” jessina_wab: “

@efyawilliams the ass is fake too that be wat Dey pain me.”

dawg_ll: “Eiiiiii too much chemical.”

pkay_manuel: “Everything about her is artificial. Breast, ass, eyes, hair etc including the t*nga.

diana256msk: “Seems plastic to me@#$?” efyawilliams: “

@triciagold_ her turning alone is just annoying aah.

@ mannyharrison88:Dis ur body den shape dier, u husband no go suffer buy mattress

@ceddy_clintonThe ass top is not smooth soon artificial e check like you pack tattered clothes inside pillow case.

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