94-year-old Man Baptized With 5000 Liters Of Boiled Water (Photos)


A 94-year-old man from Ossen in Baringo North got baptized with 5000 liters of boiled water in Kenya. The rare baptism took place at the Ossen AIC church and was presided over by Rev Elijah Katya.ccording to the Rev, they were forced to boil the water for baptism due to cold weather and the age of the frail old man. He said it took them two hours to boil the more than 5000 liters of water using firewood and also electric heaters.

Before the baptism took place, they waited for the water to get warm before the man named William ‘Dr. Kahawa’ Chesang got baptized as it has always been a childhood dream.Speaking after the Baptism, his daughter Lilian Ruto said:”Even the cold weather didn’t deter him from getting into the water. However, as a precaution we decided to warm the water a little” she revealed.

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