Granny ‘Who Looks Like Donald Trump’ Spotted On A Bus (Photo)


A granny who looks like Donald Trump was apparently spotted on a bus prior to his big meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. But it wasn’t actually the US President because that would be crazy. The person who uploaded the image on social media claimed it was a granny who resembles Trump. They were reportedly snapped taking public transport in Rostov-on-Don, in Russia.

Those who saw the picture swore the resemblance with the US President was uncanny. ‘She really looks like him!,’ wrote one user. She apparently nailed Trump’s ‘self-important expression’. But the photo could easily be a fake and has not been independently verified, although it was printed in the Moscow Times. The image was uploaded on social media with the caption: ‘That moment when the US president is hiding from the FSB (Russian security service).’

Do they really look alike?

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