“I’m Finding It Difficult To Adapt To The Lifestyle Of My Rich Husband To Be”


I’m a 27 while my boyfriend is 34, we’ve only dated for 7 months and he proposed to me last week. But the problem is that we are 2 different people,what he want is different from what I want.

He is from a rich family that likes flashing things, he always tell me to use make up when I say make up it not just foundation and lipstick every time am going out which I don’t like at all I prefer using powder and lipstick and I use to tell him that I don’t know how to do make ups yet he said he will get me a make ups artist. I don’t know how am going to cope with that. Anytime we are going to see his family member or friends, he will always want me to over dress like it’s a wedding day.

He likes going party a lot and anytime he ask me I will make up some excuse not to go and I don’t know how long I will continue giving him excuse cos am an indoor person i don’t like going out at all I only go out whenever am an having important things, there was a time he discovered and accused me of been ashamed of him that why I hate going out with him and its not like that.
He likes people prying into our privacy anytime we had a misunderstanding he will ask one of his friends to beg me on his behalf and I hate this.

He always want me to wear clothes that fit his standard like wearing heavy jewelries expensive one ,high heels,(he use to buy them for me cos his a rich dude ) he want a luxurious life while I only want a simple life. He can do anything to mk me look good and classy, he is always ready to spend for that.

My problem is do you think I can adapt to his lifestyle when we get married as I like being simple. Am scared.

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