Why You Should Avoid Sexual Immoralities On Campus


Higher institution is synonymous with freedom, and many youngsters tend to use this freedom to indulge in various dangerous acts that can actually ruin and destroy them – including sexual immoralities. 

Sexual immoralities are sexual activities and pleasures contrary to the will of God; not shared between a husband and his wife in the safe confines of their marriage union. They includes premarital sex, masturbation, pornography viewing, sexting, etc.

While the system in many of our campuses encourage sexual immoralities, here are two major reasons you must avoid them:

SPIRITUAL CONSEQUENCES: You don’t believe in the existence of the spiritual? Then you are an ignorant person who need to keenly seek knowledge! There is a God up there in Heaven Who created all things, and there is a spiritual world that determines the affairs of the physical.

God, your Creator, asked you not to engage in sexual immoralities. When you do that, you disobey Him – which is a sin. Anyone who commit an offense will be punished, and if you commit the sin of sexual immoralities, you will be severely punished by God.

Read this well: One of the major repercussions of sin is that you get separated from the Holy God (since sin makes you dirty). The result is that, in the spiritual realm, the evil devil and his evil cohorts will be chanced to penetrate your life and will hurt your destiny – which will eventually manifest in the physical realm. (Romans 6:23)

Have you seen certain endowed persons still miserably struggling? Something might be wrong with them in the spiritual realm!

PHYSICAL CONSEQUENCES: You can pick an ‘unwanted pregnancy’ as a female. Abortion? You might end your life prematurely! Or destroy your womb! Don’t forget STDs, including HIV/AIDS – the monster with the ability to destroy your dreams and aspirations in life (through 5 minutes pleasure!)

Please think about this. Even if everyone in your faculty are immoral, avoid and flee sexual immoralities. Rather, dedicate and live your life for God in holiness. Many generations awaits your manifestation, please don’t fail us


Sunday Akanni Moshood

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