5 Relationship Lessons To Learn From Telemundo


So most of us watch Telemundo and for some of us, it’s our relaxation therapy after a long day. But there are some relationship lessons to learn from Telemundo. Some of us can relate to the passioned lady who will do anything to get the guy while others can identify with the quiet girl who seems to be on her own and helpless.

Here are 5 relationship lessons to learn from Telemundo

relationship lessons to learn from telemundo

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1. Heartbreak will not kill you

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is so true when it comes to Telemundo. The latina ladies always find a way to turn their heartache into something passionate. They either plot their revenge with a devilish passion or channel it into creating a multi-million dollar company.

2. People’s approval has no bearing on love

Telemundo has taught us that what people think should not affect how you feel about your lover, only your feelings matter. So ignore the judgment and follow your heart to where it finds love, be it area gym or Ikoyi club.

relationship lessons to learn from telemundo

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3. What’s yours is yours

Even if your evil best friend tries everything to tear you apart from the man you love, it will not work. She can set him up, throw him in jail or wipe his memory and he will still find you. Because destiny is written in stone.

4. Love gives us superhuman strength

When a woman is in love, she can overcome any obstacle. You can take her to the opposite end of the earth, wipe her memory and amputate her foot. While at the same time marrying her to a new husband and two kids and she will still find her way back.

relationship lessons to learn from telemundo

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5. Women can find a balance

Possibly the most important love lesson from Telemundo is the fact that a woman can run and multimillion dollar company, be the best wife and mother and somehow manage to be the best friend too.

So ladies, take all these lessons to heart and don’t forget to check out these tips on finding love with a broke guy like they do on Telemundo

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