Mum Begs Staff To Open Plane Door After Baby ‘Passed Out’ (Photos)


A mother has been filmed begging flight attendants to open a door after her baby appeared to pass out while frothing at the mouth. She begged staff on the Pakistan International Airlines flight from Paris to Islamabad to allow her to get some fresh air while waiting to take off. There had been a delay of two hours and the air conditioning was faulty when she started to get concerned about her baby.

She pleaded with a pair of cabin crew and attempted to cool her baby down by fanning it. Despite other passengers stepping in to try and get the staff to open the door shouting ‘shame’ at them.

The staff tried to get permission to open the door but were told they were not allowed to do so. Eventually the mother returned to her seat to calm down while other customers continue to plead with the staff. The airline said that the flight was only delayed for 30 minutes but an inquiry has been launched by the company’s president.

They released a statement which said: ‘PIA has taken serious notice of the unfortunate incident that took place on PK750. ‘The president and CEO Dr Musharraf Rasool Cyan has taken immediate and serious notice and has asked for a detailed inquiry into the matter.

‘The delay was for 30 minutes as doors were closed, aircraft was ready for push back. However, Air Traffic Controller clearance was not received and the aircraft could not start its engine as the aircraft was still parked at the jetty. ‘Details of the incident and explanations are being given to the Captain in Command, the ground handler and PIA’s chief operating officer. ‘Zero tolerance policy has been adopted in PIA and there shall be no compromise on customer convenience and comfort.’


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