Muslim Woman Rips Hijab Off After Cleric Told Her It Was Not Appropriate


Footage has emerged of the moment a Muslim woman appears to challenge a cleric who ordered her to dress more modestly despite the fact already she’s wearing a veil. She ends up ripping the veil off her head in anger after the cleric threatened to have her arrested. He told her ‘Fix your hijab or I’ll get you arrested’ during the incident which is believed to have been shot in Iran. Loaded: 0% 0:04 0:02Progress: 0% PlayMute Current Time 0:02 / Duration Time 0:24 Fullscreen More videos Hardeep Singh Kohli comments on harassment Dan Osbourne on threatening comments to ex Pochettino on Fulham match and stadium situation Rylan throws shade with Flack joke on CBB Moment woman pulls crying baby out from a storm drain Governor of New York: America ‘was never that great’

Hijabs in Iran have been compulsory for the last 40 years and the woman could face jail for what she did. Journalist and campaigner Masih Alinejad said: ‘This brave woman challenges a cleric in front of him.

‘The cleric tells her that she’d get arrested because her hijab is not appropriate. She storms off and completely removes her hijab in front of the cleric while standing her ground.’ There is a growing movement of people in Iran who oppose the laws that make it mandatory for women to wear veils. Online movement My Stealthy Freedom started the White Wednesday campaign in May last year which encouraged men and women to wear white to show their solidarity.

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