Waterproof Makeup Is What You Need This Season?


Whether you are abroad, expecting summer time or you are over in this parts Africa, expecting both sunlight and rain fall, this period is the time when people either get wet from sweating too much or get soaked by rain and it ruins their makeup. It is also the time where people go for a swim when the weather becomes very hot❌. All of the afore mentioned points are synonymous to one thing – messing up your makeup if it isn’t waterproof.

What was used in this ?Waterproof Makeup Tutorial;


Maybelline Micro Brow Pencil – Dark Brown (Not Waterproof)

LA Girl Pro Concealer – Fawn, Chestnut & Dark Cocoa

ABH Modern Renaissance

Becca Velvet Primer (Water Resistant)

Becca Ultimate Coveregae Foundation – Tobacco & Sienna (Water Resistant)

KAT Von D Lock IT Concealer – 29 Neutral

Laura Mercier Setting Powder – Translucent & Deep

L’oreal Lash Out Macara (Waterproof)

Absolute NY Bronzer – Dark

LA Girl White Eye-Pencil

Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow Highlighter

KAT Von D Everlasting Lip-Liner | Outlaw

KAT Von D Lock IT Setting Spray

KAT Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick In Santa Sangria

Watch the Water proof makeup ?Video Tutorial Below:


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