3 Things You Should Never Depend On A Guy For


A lot of us tend to see our partner as the person that solves all our problems. We become so dependent on them for everything that once they fall short, we become completely destroyed.

This does not have to happen if you never depend on a guy for these three things.


In a perfect world, your man should tell you how beautiful you are every single day. But you don’t need to depend on his words every day for you to feel beautiful, smart, funny etc. You should know how to tell yourself these things and believe them. When you depend on something/someone on the outside before you can love yourself, you will have a big problem then they don’t come through. They may forget to tell you or even turn around and say negative things because you gave them way to much control of your feelings.

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Financial security

Life happens and sometimes that can affect your money situation. You should never depend on a guy for financial stability because things may not work out for him as you hope. If having savings and living a certain lifestyle is important to you, you must be willing to create this for yourself. Get into the habit of saving and managing what you do have to be able to afford something better in the future.

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No human being should be completely in charge of whether or not you’re happy. This is way too tall of an order for any one person to bear. Find happiness within yourself, your family, your job/business, your friends, hobbies, God etc. It shouldn’t come from only one person or thing.

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