4 Things You Stop Doing When You’ve Fallen Out Of Love


Many people stay in loveless relationships and marriages and the fact is some of them don’t even know they have checked out.

Love can die due to many reasons- constant disappointment, unfulfilled expectations or because both partners simply stop trying. How do you know you’ve fallen out of love with your partner? Here are four things most people stop doing when the love is gone.

You have no empathy

This means, when your partner tells you he’s had a bad day, you just cannot muster up enough energy to care. In fact, a part of you is secretly glad something bad happened to him. Even if you’re mad at someone, if you still love them, you’ll still feel a little bad when they hurt. So one sign you’ve fallen out of love is if this stops happening.

4 Things You Stop Doing When You've Fallen Out Of Love Zumi.ng

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You don’t fight anymore

Your man can get away with murder and you don’t even care. When the love is gone, fighting ceases. Most people may interpret this as the relationship getting better. This is because in many cases, the couple can still laugh and talk to one another. But they never discuss their relationship and if one person is hurt or offended over something, they simply don’t bring it up. Basically, they are done fighting for a deeper relationship.

You don’t put in the effort

When you’ve fallen out of love, you don’t feel the need to do anything extra to make your partner happy. You don’t give compliments or even try to impress them in any way. In fact, the idea of doing something for them stops crossing your mind.

4 Things You Stop Doing When You've Fallen Out Of Love Zumi.ng

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You no longer believe they’re ‘the one’

One sign you are no longer in love is that you start to imagine yourself with others. You no longer consider your partner to be the only one for you. You may either start having an affair or at least consider it. Your heart then becomes open for someone else.

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