5 Awkward Topics Not To Talk About On A First Date



We’ve told you what to do and places to go, but we haven’t told you what not to talk about on a first date. We want you to know this because we can assure you that first impressions matter and discussing the wrong thing can take your date from 100 to 10 in no time.

These are some topics not to talk about on a first date

topics not to talk about on a first date

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Talking about how many guys you’ve slept with or the fact that you’re still a virgin can become really awkward really fast. Depending on the type of guy, either of these might be a turn off before he has a chance to see your amazing personality. So leave that until later.


How much or how little money you make isn’t first date topic, honestly it’s not even 5th date topic. It’s topic for when you’re very serious and ready to plan a life together. Besides, keeping him guessing doesn’t hurt.

topics not to talk about on a first date

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Unless it’s a deal breaker for you, and you want to get it out off the way immediately, religion is off limits. Get to know and spend time with each other first, he might be a good man either way. Plus discussing religion puts undue pressure on both of you

Health issues

He doesn’t want to know on the first date if you’re asthmatic or have an ovarian cyst. Health issues can be a turn off for people if they’ve just met you. Wait till later for that.

topics not to talk about on a first date

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Your ex

Some girls have a habit of rambling on about their ex and how he did them wrong and was just an ass. A guy listens to this and thinks, “if things don’t work out between us she’ll bad mouth me to the next person too”. You can’t blame him if he doesn’t set up a second date after that.

Work stress

Talking about how terrible your work is and how bad your boss is on a first date can send a message that you’re lazy and not easy to work with. It could also give the impression that you don’t commit to things.

Avoid these topics at all cost and stick to “easy get to know you topics”, like what’s your favourite meal and where did you grow up? On the other hand, you should find out these things on the first date.


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