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Nigerian parents don’t want to know if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend. They go from “stay away from boys or girls” to “when will you marry?” There’s no in-between, so it is normal if you have not met your boo’s parents until things are heading towards marriage.

After years (or months) of enjoying your relationship, finally, it is time to meet his parents. It’s normal to feel nervous, but relax, we’ve got you.

Here’s what you should do:

1. Ask him about his parents

Before the visit, get details from him about the kind of parents he has. Are they conservative? Family oriented? Free spirits? Know what kind of people they are and prepare your mind accordingly. When you mention some of their likes and show interest in their lives, they will warm up to you.

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2. Take a gift

As a good guest (and your first time in their home), take a nice bottle of wine, or some garden eggs. Don’t do too much, you don’t want to appear desperate for their approval (even though you are).

3. Dress appropriately
Cee-C + A Hot White Dress = A Style Moment You Can’t Miss

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Your crop tops and nude dresses can wait for one day sis. Nobody is asking you to wear a burka but just dress like you’re going to an informal work meeting. Simple but tasteful is the sweet spot. You want them to know that you’re not a high-maintenance chick.

4. Offer to help out

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If meals are being served, you can offer to set the table or help with the food. There’s no need to start sweeping the entire compound, you’re still a guest. And if they ask you not to bother, then don’t. The important thing is that you offered.

5. Be yourself

You are looking to be in that family for the rest of your life. Don’t pretend to be somebody you’re not. Be the best version of yourself and if they accept you, then all the better.

After the first meeting, things will surely settle down and you’ll have to learn how to deal with your new in-laws.

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