6 Major Signs He Won’t Make A Good Husband


When it comes to choosing a partner, you need to be very careful. Take the time to get to know him and make sure he will make a good husband. Otherwise, you will spend years regretting your choice.

While you should have some character traits to look out for, here are some red flags that show he won’t make a good husband.

1. Selfishness

A man who only thinks about himself is unlikely to make a good husband. He should be able to make some sacrifices both for you and his family. But if he’s always insistent on having his own way in the relationship and will always put his own needs and comfort first, you may face issues later on.

He Won't Make A Good Husband If He Has These 6 Dangerous Traits

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2. Irresponsibility

It’s not hard to see how an irresponsible trait in a man shows he won’t make a good husband. He should be able to make choices and decisions and stick to them. He should be responsible for his time, finances and other aspects that constitute building a home.

3. Disrespectful

If he does not respect you, then he won’t make a good husband. He should not be abusive and unkind. He should also not be insensitive to your needs and feelings.

4. Indiscipline

You should also not be with someone that cannot make a decision and stand by it. This means he will be easily swayed by what others think and it can be problematic in a marriage. He must be disciplined. He should be able to set goals and work on achieving them.

He Won't Make A Good Husband If He Has These 6 Dangerous Traits

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5. A lack of confidence

People with a low self-esteem often don’t make good spouses. This can cause them to constantly need validation and they may seek it outside of the relationship, leading to infidelity. They are also more likely to be obsessed with pleasing others even to the detriment of themselves. Timid people will have difficulties standing up for themselves and their family when needed.

6. Dishonesty

Another major sign he won’t make a good husband is if he’s dishonest. Integrity is very important in a partner. He says what he does and does what he says. This is someone you can trust. However, when he lies, cheats and manipulate, you’ll soon find yourself distrustful of him and this kills a marriage.

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