87-Year-Old Man Finds New Lover After Dumping 28-Year-Old Wife For Refusing Him Sex.


An 87-year-old Russian actor who wants to divorce his 28-year-old wife for not having sex with him has found a new lover a year younger than his spouse. Ivan Krasko and his new love Yuliya Kichemasova, 27, have revealed their relationship and the Russian claims she knows “where to touch him right”.

According to Mr Krasko, he started looking for another woman after becoming fed up with his wife for refusing to have sex and children with him.

He said: “We barely had sex from the very beginning of our marriage because my wife steadfastly did not want to get pregnant.

“A child is a proof of love. Every married couple should have a child.”

According to the actor’s mistress Yuliya she fell in love with him when watching him act in the theatre.

She said: “For several months in a row I came to watch Ivan act in the theatre. We met and began to communicate. Then some time later he asked me for a date.”

Yuliya believes that she would be a perfect wife for the actor.

She said: “He is so sexy! I know where and how to touch him right. When I touched him for the first time he reacted as if he had not had sex for 10 years.

“I want to be his new wife. I want to have children with him. I am going to be with this incredible man.”

Ivan Krasko, famous for more than 140 roles in Soviet and Russian movies, wed Natalia Krasko in September of 2015.


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