Basketmouth’s wife celebrates him as he turns 40


Elsie Okpocha, wife of Nigerian comedian, Basketmouth, just shared the most adorable birthday message to celebrate her husband’s 40th birthday today.‘Happy birthday booboo. Dude you’re 40!!!!!! Damnnnnn!!!!! you’re one fineeee 40yr old you know! Looking better with age, and a whole lot sexier, making me so proud that you’re all mine’ she wrote.

Elsie also said, ‘I just want you to know that You are such an amazing human, a superb dad, and the best hubby ever! With you, nothing is impossible to achieve when you set your heart to it. I know how good i feel whenever i have an issue and you say “don’t worry baby, I’ll sort it out”, and sorted it will be’.

‘You have set excellent standards which you have successfully achieved and surpassed, it all just balls down to the fact that you’re one hell of a hardworker and I’m extremely proud of you. And Today I celebrate you and all your achievements and Success. Cheers to the beginning of a new awesome life that is starting today! Cheers to 60 more years on earth, Cheers to many more loving. Cheers to many more great things to come. God has blessed you my baby. Now Lets Celebrate!’.

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