Bovi And His Wife, Kris Celebrate Their 9th Year Wedding Anniversary


Bovi is 100 yards of husband material! He and his wife have been giving is couple goals for a long time but now we have to speak out. A few days after giving his wife, Kris a car for her 30th birthday, the couple celebrated 9 years of marriage. You don’t need to be married to know that nine years is no joke.

Bovi and Kris have 3 beautiful kids and they shared the good news of their anniversary via a post on Instagram captioned “And that’s the story so far.”

It is a great story indeed because they started from the bottom together and look how they’re shining now.  On their 7th anniversary, Kris told the story of how she met Bovi and agreed to marry him even though he was broke. They actually started their life as a couple in an uncompleted building.

Bovi and kris

(Photo: Instagram/OfficialBovi)

She wrote:

“…I remember your first car, a cherry QQ it was smaller than a picanto, and the uncompleted bunker where we started life together with our first baby ?? I look back now and smile giving God all the glory, I am so glad I was a part of your life at the time.”

“All you had to give were your words, your love & your dreams, I saw a young wise man ( Ecc 4:13) with so much vision & potentials thank God ?? I never doubted you for a minute, even though most of them seemed unrealistic at the time. (Of cos now I can say the truth ?)

“You have never settled for less no matter the situation…..At the age of 20 I, prayed to God to give me a husband just like my Father #PeterAsimonye. A sweet caring man who cared not just for himself, but for people (that is you @officialbovi) Always wanting to be happy & making everyone you come across happy.

bovi and kris

(Photo: TSL Nigeria)

“Even though the world laughed at us well, the small world we lived in, we didn’t care. We were happy and that’s all that mattered to us, to me especially. And from the day we both said “I DO” it’s been blessings upon blessings!! I celebrate you today my sweet love, you have not just pulled your weight, you have pulled mine as well.

“As imperfect as we both are, you have been an awesome husband & father to our kids…. A selfless man. If I were to choose all over again, I would choose you just because you are YOU….. & YOU are irreplaceable.”

Can you see now why they’re couple goals? We’re not saying don’t date rich guys, but if there’s a young man who doesn’t have it all yet but you know he will give you his all, then give him a chance. You just might end up having a couple goals story of your own.

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