Bride Shocks Guests As She Twerks At Her Wedding Reception. Photos/Video


A bride has become an internet sensation after she surprised her groom and guests with a twerking performance they would never forget.  Stephanie Payne may have walked down the aisle in a dazzling gold gown – but when it was time to get her twerk on she made a dramatic costume change.

Payne switched into shorts, a black crop top with red sparkles, and wore a Mardi Gras mask as she walked into the reception and began twerking for her guests in Texas.

She then did a front flip in knee-high stiletto boots, sticking the landing with ease before she ran into the splits straight onto the dance floor in front of her groom.

The crowd at the Houston wedding went wild for the surprise performance and the internet has had a similar reaction, helping video of Payne’s dance go viral.

Payne said she came up with the surprise because she wanted her guests and husband to ‘enjoy a good show’.

‘I remember all the lights flashing from everybody’s cameras, everybody awing and and everybody oohing,’ she told KTRK.

‘And just the moment I see my husband there. I wanted to wow him and I wanted everybody to be happy.’

Payne said her husband, Justin Payne, was completely taken by surprise with the routine.

‘He was in awe too,’ she said. ‘He got into it too.’

While some have reacted negatively to the dance routine, Payne said she would tell them to be more open-minded and think outside the box.

Watch Video Below; 

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