Clear signs of a toxic relationship


There is nothing like a perfect relationship. Each relationship has some hurdles to be jumped regardless of how flawless it may seem.

But then, some relationships are so full of problems such that nothing good seems to come out ofthem. Such are the toxic type and you need a savior if you are in one of them.

Some common signs of a toxic relationship include:

1. Lack of emotional support

Your partner should be your cheerleader number one and the soft spot to fall on whenever you are going through a rough time. But if they can’t do this anymore, it means you are as good as being single.

2. It drains you


A toxic relationship drains you emotionally and physically (For Harriet)


It can never be all smooth but then if drains you both emotionally and physically, you need rescue before it’s too late. A relationship shouldn’t feel as hard as trying to crack some programming codes.

3. You are ever fighting

You will not always agree with your partner. So, fights are bound to be there but not 24/7. If you are ever fighting even over the simplest of things, your relationship is in danger.

4. It’s one way

A healthy relationship should be a two way traffic. No one should feel like they are always the ones giving while the other person is always taking and never giving back.

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5. You seek help elsewhere

In a healthy relationship, you should be free to discuss the most intimate things with your partner. If you find yourself seeking help from other people, something is definitely amiss.

6. No trust

Trust is the foundation of every successful relationship. Once it’s lost in a relationship, then the relationship is treading to the wrong path.

7. No effort


You should seek help if in a toxic relationship (ayanawebzine)


Relationships are all about making efforts and sacrifices. You make an effort to show love to your partner, to show you care and spend time with them. When things are wrong, you make the effort to make them right.

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8. No rules

Every relationship has some rules which are not necessarily written. If those rules are broken repeatedly and your partner doesn’t seem to care at all, they might as well be sending the message that they are done with it.

9. No interest

Earlier on, you would have dinner together, watch a movie or . the cards till mid-night. Now, nothing close to that happens and even when you sit together for dinner, you have nothing to talk about.

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