Common mistakes people make when dating


When looking for love or a partner, people are bound to make some mistakes – no one is perfect.

It might be knowingly or unknowingly, there are some common mistakes that everyone tends to make.

1.Dating your type


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If that person does tick every thing on your check list then you automatically rule them out. When trying to find someone for a serious relationship then it would be best to keep an open mind. The perfect person for you may be someone that you least expect it to be.

2.Trying to change someone

They are not your project, they are a human being with real feelings and a personality. If you aren’t attracted to them and see no future between the two of you then move on instead of trying to change who that person is.

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3.Focusing too much on whether you’re doing things right

In the beginning, everyone tends to be more aware of how they act towards someone and are careful not to show their weird side too soon lest they scare someone away, which is normal. There is a flip side to this though and it is the fact that you could be focusing too much on making yourself perfect that you come off fake than genuine.

4.Thinking that because you have good chemistry then you are automatically compatible


Sometimes good chemistry can be confused for compatibility. You may have great vibes with one another but that’s about it. You aren’t able to make important decisions together or even propel each other to discover your greatest potential.

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