Couple Caught Making Out In Public As Guards Fail To Intervene. Photos


A couple were caught on making out next to drinkers in the City. A bald man in jeans was seen against a ­pillar with a blonde woman in a black dress.

The couple — said to be in their mid-40s — had earlier been smooching. They then had sex after security guards allegedly failed to intervene. The lovers were spotted by a diner from a nearby restaurant who went out for a cigarette at the Bloomberg Arcade in London’s posh Square Mile.

The witness said of the encounter, which happened at 11pm on Thursday: “They were struggling, I think they might have been intoxicated. “They kept going, but I couldn’t film any more as I was laughing too much.

“When I went back in they were still out there going at it.They were in their mid to late 40s — and that’s old enough to know better.We came out half an hour later and they had left. Security guards said they saw them getting frisky but they weren’t having sex so they left them alone.They made it clear it was something that happened a lot.”

Credit: The SunUK



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