Dating A Broke Guy? Here Are Signs He’ll Never Be Successful


As a woman who plans to achieve success and go places in life, you have to be careful of the partner you choose. You need to find someone who can keep up with you and whom you can learn from. Sure, he may not be there today, but you should be smart enough to see his potential.

To keep from dating and settling down with someone who will very likely hold you back, beware of these signs he’ll never be successful.

He’s lazy

Once a guy is reluctant about putting in the work, it’s one of the clear signs he’ll never be successful. He may give you all kinds of excuses about how he hates his job, he’s smarter than his bosses, or he may quit a business weeks into starting because it’s just ‘too stressful.’ It’s like he’s allergic to anything that requires him to get up and bust his ass.

Dating A Broke Guy? Here Are Signs He'll Never Be Successful

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He’s entitled

People who have a superiority complex hardly ever succeed. For example, he may consider certain jobs too demeaning for him even though he’s broke and jobless. He keeps waiting for a miracle and expects wealth to magically fall on his laps.

He never accepts responsibility

Ask him why he’s struggling financially and he will always blame someone else. He may blame his parents for not sending him to a good school or the country for not providing electricity. He can spend hours pointing fingers forgetting that people in similar situations are making it every day.

Dating A Broke Guy? Here Are Signs He'll Never Be Successful


He’s okay with you solving his financial problems

Another one of the signs he’ll never be successful is if he’s okay with others, including you, picking up the slack. You pay his bills and loan him money every other day. He makes no effort to figure things out for himself.

There’s nothing wrong with dating a broke guy as long as he doesn’t remain that way. Here are some things you should expect in this type of situation.

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