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Most Nigerian parents will get enraged if you bring home a man who has been married before. Asides the parents, a lot of women are skeptical about it and with good reasons. Dating a divorced guy can be an adjustment and if you aren’t well-prepared chances are that it won’t work out.

These are 6 things you should know if you’re dating a divorced guy

dating a divorced guy

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1. Is the divorce final

Unless you’re absolutely sure the divorce is final, don’t go into a relationship with him. Find out just how divorced he is, and know that separation is not the same as divorce.

2. What caused the divorce

Ask direct questions about what caused the divorce, and be sure the problem isn’t with him. No one is perfect, but you should know what you’re getting into and what you can handle.

dating a divorced guy

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3. What’s the situation with the kids

If he has kids, find out the relationship he has with them and the plans he has for them. Information is knowledge and knowing what he’s like with the kids will tell you what kind of man he is.

4. What are his expectations

Find out where he is emotionally and if he’s ready for another committed relationship. The fact that he just came out of one that didn’t work might make him skeptical about committing to another one. So you should know where you stand.

dating a divorced guy

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5. What’s the situation with the ex

Find out where things are with his ex. Does he still have feelings for her? If he does then don’t go in, let him sort it out first. You also don’t want to continue if he’s constantly fighting with his ex, you don’t want that drama.

6. Take things at a slow pace

When you’re dating a divorced man the last thing you want to do is rush things. Get to know him and be sure he doesn’t have some issues he still has to deal with. It’s for your own good.

The fact that he is divorced isn’t a reason to write him off completely. Just make sure you understand what’s the situation and be sure of your feelings. If he has kids too, then you’d want to read this.

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