‘Dead Man’ Returns Home 1 Month After Burial As Family Denies Him Entry’


A 37-year-old man is currently living outside his own home Kenya’s Siaya County because he has been prohibited from entering until the body of the unidentified man buried in their compound is exhumed and a ritual is performed to exorcise bad omen.

Reports say Charles Odhiambo had gone missing for about six months and the family resorted to a soothsayer to figure out his possible whereabouts, after they claimed to have received incessant death ‘messages’ through ‘visions’ directing them to local mortuaries to search for him.

Unsurprisingly, the female soothsayer they consulted reportedly confirmed the acclaimed visions and asked the Odhiambo family to go to the mortuary where they reportedly picked a male body with a similar birth mark on the left ankle as that of Charles Odhiambo and buried in July.

However, according Tuko.co.ke, a relative of the supposed deceased saw him about a month later hawking groundnuts in Kisumu on Thursday, September 14.

Charles Odhiambo is quoted as saying: “I have been away for six months since I left home. When I heard I was buried, I returned home on the same day. A relative who spotted me in Kisumu told me I was buried one month ago. He held me, before he cried then said he would not leave again, we had to go home.”

Despite all his attempts to convince the family that he is indeed alive, they are still sceptical, saying they would have to first exhume the buried body and then perform some rituals before he is allowed entry into his own home.
Meanwhile, some curious residents have been visiting him outside his home to greet and have a feel of him.

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