Defining traits and characteristics of sketchy men


Ladies, we need to do better when it comes to dating. Where are we finding these ‘fishy’ men?

A lot is happening in the country at the moment and I’m not talking about the Chinese take-over. Our sisters are wounding up dead, yet, no one is really talking about it and no one seems to know what exactly is happening. Is it that we are somehow falling for men involved in sketchy businesses and somehow getting caught up in their shenanigans and before we know it we are dead? Maybe one day we will find out what exactly is going on. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Listen, success is not sexually transmitted and there’s no easy way to make it in life; sure, some people get lucky, others are born rich but let no one tell you that it’s easy to get to the top. If the deal is too good, always think twice. Do not let greed take over you. Work hard in that small job you have and trust in the process. These men you meet washing iPhones with champagne at the club are the same ones that will be your downfall. I think sometimes we get so blinded and pull down our guards. If you meet a man who appears very sketchy, be very weary. Most of the guys busy flaunting their wealth are probably involved in illegal businesses. I mean, how many of us have a ka-loose half a million to go drink champagne at the club? Be very careful about which circles you’re in these days lest you end up dead. That said, here are signs that the man you’re dating is sketchy.

1. First of all, you have no idea what he does for his money. As far as you know, he’s a biznaa guy.

Entrepreneur yeah? But what does he sell? Land? Phones? Clothes in a ka-stall at Jamia? What’s the exact . of his wealth? You better investigate and investigate well. And be careful cause most of these guys are not dumb either. They have a small business just to blind people. But then again, would a phone or clothes business rake in millions per month to support his lifestyle? If no, then, does he have other .s of income that he’s willing to declare? If no, well sis, ost likely, you’re dealing with a fishy guy.

2. In the words of Wizkid, he likes expensive shit oh.

Will probably have a set of luxury cars, lives large and dresses Italian…you know, high fashion. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that everyone who dresses in designer clothes is a thief lol. What I mean is that if you cannot clearly see their . of wealth then where’s the money coming from? That’s what they call wash wash money…Gold deals, Government tenders, and other back door deals.


3. They hang out with the elite.

They cannot be caught dead hanging out with the rest of us peasants. They’re always out with models, beautiful women, politicians and those in power. After all, birds of a feather flock together. They’re probably protected by the same politicians and elite personnel with whom they strike money deals with. So that shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Expensive champagne (Business Insider)

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4. Their charm and power are what attracted you to them in the first place.

Let’s be honest, there’s something so attractive about a powerful man. They have this ability to handle shit, regardless of what it is. Someone is bullying you? He will handle it, car broke down? He will handle it. Need extra money? It’s handled…somehow, these guys can take care of literally any problem, even if it means taking someone’s life and unfortunately that’s how far some people will go to sweep shit under the carpet.

5. They’re super secretive

Two phones, you have only number. Sometimes, they’re offline for God knows how long, then reappear out of nowhere. I feel like if you’re dating someone seriously, you should be aware of their whereabouts and what they’re up to.

If you’re lucky, you even know where they live. They will tell you vague stuff like, “I live around Kilimani…” never invite you over, if you need to meet them, they will take you to expensive hotels and what not. You knowing where they live is just another witness that they wouldn’t want should shit hit the fan.

6. They like people they can control.

Obviously, a person who knows that they’re doing illegal shit will want to be with someone who they can control, a woman who is naïve will not care to check them! In fact, when your friends ask you about this person, you find yourself defending his actions. “He’s not like that in person” “You don’t know the real him” and all that shebang.


Man – traits of fishy men (Courtesy)

Ladies, chungeni maisha.

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