Different types of men you should not date


Gone are the days when a man was judged according to his wealth.There are more important things to consider when choosing a man to date such as his spirituality, moral values and ability to commit.

Men can get really toxic and you don’t want to compromise your happiness by being with the wrong one.

If a guy possesses these qualities, you should look elsewhere:

1. Stingy

It’s not all about money you say. But if he cannot spend a few bucks to make you happy, he is not worth you. Unless he is honestly broke, no gentleman will find it difficult to spend on a woman they love.

2. Flirt


A flirt has no respect for you (Karen Mcklaren)

Just keep the hell out of these men! There are enough troubles to deal with than tens of women that he flirts with. And if he is a flirt, means he has no respect for you.

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3. Anti-feminism type

These are the types of men who will always protest when women champion for their own rights because they feel that women are an inferior gender. They don’t like seeing women succeed and will do anything to bring you down. Just stay off.

4. The mama’s boy

These are another spoilt lot of men and you should simply stay off. Their mothers are always right and he has to consult and inform the mom before you even start your own kiosk. If the mother-in-law doesn’t approve, then that’s it.

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5. Liar


Once a liar, always a liar (chicagocrusader)

You have no reason to date a man who tells more lies than truths because they are not trustworthy in the first place. They will lie about their whereabouts, salary, and tell you that that other lady is just a friend.

6. The man-child

He is not willing to grow up yet and he still relies on his parents like a high school kid. Being with him feels like you are his mother because you have to take care of him like a toddler. If he can’t grow up, he can as well remain single until he adults.


Source: Lifestyle.NG

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