‘Female Drivers, Don’t Dare Male Drivers’ – Lawmaker Says After This Happened. Photos


A female member of the Ebonyi state house of assembly representing the Afikpo North East Constituency, Maria Ude Nwachi, has shared a story of what happened when she dragged the road with a man while driving her Hummer Jeep in Abuja in 2013. This made her to bash the man’s car and was made to pay for it.

The lawmaker took to her Facebook page on Wednesday (yesterday) to share the story as she gave ladies a secret on how to deal with men while driving instead of feeling “big”.

Read below; 

FEMALE DIVERS, PLEASE, DON’T DARE MALE DRIVERS. ***They might just call your bluff **at your own peril….

NOTE: This incident took place while I was fully living in Abuja in 2013, practicing my photography, image-making, online news things, and other social media related matters. I miss those days when I practiced my photography in peace and freedom, when i wakared from office to office looking for jobs. My people, in life, you never knew what you have until you lose it. Now I fear to carry my camera after that my suspension for photography. I love my camera, I love that job. BELOW IS THE GIST…..

As I entered my car, my head was in a confused mode, I decided to go to the meeting in Maitama but a few minutes later I changed my mind, I decided to go the one in Wuse 2, so I made a sharp turn around not even knowing that it was a one way, (I am only a few months in Abuja, still trying to navigate the terrain) and then tried to barge into a road that had many drivers waiting, as I put head, I completed snubbed the guy who actually had the right of way, I pretended I am not seeing him, I refused to make any eye contact with him, I have no idea what I was feeling like because it was obvious that this dude had the right of road, but in my head at that time I am thinking, he dare not dare hummer because he knows what will happen to his car, I was like, this guy make you no just try am, and in my head I knew he will not dare put head when he knows that I too will put head and that his Honda car will be re-arranged by my hummer if he tries it.

Dear Lord, what on earth AM I thinking and what earth I’m I feeling like, even Bill Gates cannot feel how I was feeling like, like say I over too much and have everything under control. Real Mgbeke feeling aiire. Well, self-made trouble is about to wake peaceful iyanga; THIS DUDE CALLED MY BLUFF AND PUT HEAD, the next thing you hear is GBOOOOOOO. My heart skipped 50 times in 1 minute, I froze. Fear engulfed me, Shakara ended sharp sharp. I no gree move and I no gree come out of car. At this time I am so embarrassed and feeling like (unprintable word).

I now had to shamefully ask some of the people gathered what I should do, If I should drive back or drive front to avoid further damage to the car as the front of this tiny car is now balancing inside the DEADLY AND PREDATORY EDGE of my hummer. His front car was in disarray, hummer mean abeg.

BACK TO THE VICTIM OF MY HUBRIS, the guy just sat quietly in his car watching the whole scenario, at this point even looking as his face was a problem for me because I know exactly what I did and that I was at fault. Finally I just looked at him and gave him a sign to drive out and pack that I will be behind him, when we alighted from the car, I just told him that I AM GUILTY AND THAT I WILL PAY FOR THE DAMAGES.

Many that gathered were expecting maybe a shouting match, but when they saw that I was very contrite and that we’re sorting everything out coolly the crowd disappeared and I simply told him I know that had I just looked at him for a go ahead, the accident would not have happened, it happened because he called my bluff. Yes he called my bluff but he is not the guilty party, I am. He quickly called his car guy while he was doing that I pleaded with him to allow me attend my meeting that he should simply text me how much it will cost to do the whole thing and I will send it to him, I gave him my details and assured him I will not run away lol. He agreed and let me go. In the end I was only able to attend 1 meeting instead of 2 as planned. This happened about 3 weeks ago but it was just yesterday that I met up with him and gave him the money he spent repairing the care.

MORAL OF THIS INCIDENT: This whole thing was avoidable, had I just looked at this guy and smiled, he would have happily given me a go ahead and the whole drama would have been avoided. LADIES, do not dare men, their heart dey for their back lol, they will likely call your bluff. Abeg when you want to enter their way when driving just look at them and smile and it is done. But if you wan play heavy chic wey no send, your name will be sorry; they will send you.

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