Footballer Molests And ‘Imprisoned’ Girlfriend After She Came Home 10 Mins Late.



A thug punched his girlfriend in her stomach, back, and ribs and imprisoned her in their bedroom after she came home 10 minutes late. Former semi-professional footballer Luke Thomas also threatened to “dig up” Maria Wheeler’s deceased mum and “s*** in her ashes” on another occasion, a court heard.

And he strangled her until she “saw stars,” Wales Online reports.

Thomas, also known as Luke Leto, was described as being “domineering, threatening and controlling” in relation to his relationship with Ms Wheeler during most of 2017 and the beginning of 2018.

During this period, the 28-year-old controlled every aspect of his relationship with Ms Wheeler.

He forced her cease contact with her friends, family and her own children.

A sentencing hearing at Cardiff Crown Court on Wednesday heard Thomas, of Cardiff, had a number of previous convictions related to attacking his former partners while in a relationship with them as well as attacking a five-year-old child and also a grandmother of a former partner.

He was also jailed for two years for inciting a child under 13 years old to engage in sexual activity.

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