Great reasons to date and marry a firstborn



Growing up, we probably felt that the first borns were too much, authoritative and controlling.

But like it or not, firstborns make the best partners. The simple nature of them being the oldest child prepares them to be great people.

Here are some reasons as to why you should try dating a firstborn:

1. They are responsible

Because they were born first, they had to step in when the parents were away. They took care of their little siblings and did everything else needed to be done. Dating a firstborn, you rest assured that you are in good hands.

2. They help with household chores

If you date a man who is a firstborn, he will have no issues helping you around the kitchen. He already got used to doing all sorts of duties growing up and thus does not mind cleaning the dishes while you take a rest.


Man serving his family (today.uic)

3. Great minds

Because they had no one else to look up to besides their parents, they learnt to be creative and innovative. They are full of ideas and they hardly go short of ideas. Somehow, they are naturally intelligent.

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4. They are great leaders

If they have succeeded at leading their siblings, what would prevent them from being great family leaders? They have naturally acquired leadership skills and they command respect wherever they go. They lead by example, and the rest follow.

5. They are caring


Firstborns are caring (pinstor)


Want someone to love you and care for you? Try dating a firstborn. They grew up taking care of their siblings so they will know how well to treat you.

6. No esteem issues

You won’t have to struggle with a partner with low self-esteem. They got all the attention growing up before the other siblings were born. As such, they enjoyed the benefits of proper parenting better than the other siblings. Also, they grow up trying to lead by examples so they have no option than be great at everything they do.

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