His Best Friend Is Hitting On Me, How Do I Make Him Stop?

My man and I have been together for years now and are planning our wedding. But the problem is that his best friend is hitting on me.


It started with a ‘Happy New Year’ message at the beginning of this year and since then I’ve been getting suggestive text messages from him. He says he has always loved me. But he and my fiance are very close and I don’t want to spoil the friendship.

What do I do now that his best friend is hitting on me?



Dear Karimat

I understand you’re in a difficult position but what you do about it will determine the course of your relationship. First off, you must consider the possibility that this could be your fiance testing your loyalty. Some men do that before taking the plunge.

Whether or not this is for real, the first thing you must do is confront your man’s friend. Using clear words, tell him you’re absolutely not interested in having anything romantic to do with him. Make sure he understands you’re in love with your fiance and tell him that if he continues making advances towards you, you will have to tell your man.

If this does not deter his friend, then yes, it’s time to let your fiance know. But make sure you have some evidence just in case as his friend tries to deny it.

Handle it with maturity and clarity. Don’t ignite the drama my being vague or ‘innocently’ flirting back with your man’s friend.

Good luck.

Ask Jay: His Best Friend Is Hitting On Me, How Do I Make Him Stop?

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