How Brazilian Model Died After Receiving Bottom-boosting Injections. Photos


The last movements of a woman who died after receiving bottom-boosting injections in a Brazilian hotel room, have been released by police in fresh footage.

Close friends of 24-year-old victim, Mayara Silva dos Santos, claimed she ‘knowingly’ had industrial silicone injected in her glutes and thighs in Rio de Janeiro. They revealed she voiced fears of ‘dying and had thought about backing out but took the risk’ nonetheless.

Detectives have now issued previously unseen footage from security cameras showing the tragic sequence of events leading up to the Brazilian model’s death.

It comes as a massage therapist, Patricia dos Santos, known as Paty Bumbum, who is linked to victim’s death was detained Wednesday accused of being complicit.

Images show the woman arriving at the unnamed hotel on July 20. She is seen smiling and walking normally as she enters with a friend. Less than two hours later she reappears accompanied by other women.

But this time she is unstable on her feet, looks dishevelled with the zip undone at the back of her clothes and needs helps walking into the lift.

The victim was filmed being taken to a friend’s apartment where she allegedly suffered serious health complications.

Cameras show Ms dos Santos being supported in a lift by two women. One comforts her as she appears to have difficulty standing upright. She puts an arm around the woman’s shoulder and slumps heavily on her.

An ambulance was called two days later, and CCTV records the moment the model is wheeled chaired through the condominium’s front gates by ambulance crew before being rushed to an emergency care unit located in Barra de Tijuca.

She suffered two heart attacks in the ambulance and was pronounced dead on arrival despite undergoing several resuscitation attempts.

She died a week after the death of mother-of-two and bank manager Lilian Calixo, 46, who had suffered a similar fate from a botched bum lift procedure.

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