How To Have Sex On The First Date Without Looking Cheap


We know when the issue of sex on the first date comes up most girls go straight to NO! But wait, we’re in 2018 and things are changing. For instance, we all know now that sex is not enough to keep a guy.

And guys want a lot more than sex when it comes to a true partner. What you need to know is how to do the first date sex and not look cheap.

sex on the first date

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Here’s how to have sex on the first date without looking cheap

Sex is not your only value

The reason most women believing in holding off on sex is that they assume that’s what makes them relationship material. This isn’t true, your value comes from much more than sex and men can see that. If you show that you have more to offer than just sex (which you do), he’ll value you no matter when you have sex with him.

Having sex on the first date is not about him

Once you start understanding that sex isn’t just to please a man but to please yourself too, you see things differently. Having sex on a first date shouldn’t be because he wants it, it should be because you want it. Knowing that will make you understand that you’re not being used, you’re doing something you enjoy.

sex on the first date

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What’s your motive?

Women make the mistake of thinking they’ll use sex to keep a man, that never works. Your motive matters a lot when it comes to relationships. Whether you have sex or not doesn’t determine if you want a relationship with a guy. When he sees that even after sex you still exercise your choice to decide if he’s worth it or not, he knows you value yourself and he’ll value you too.

So when it comes to the issue of sex on the first date, your motive matters. When your motive comes from getting him into a relationship it never ends well. Make sure it’s about you, it’s your body anyway. To find out if he’s more than just a sexual itch scratcher on the first date, ask these questions.



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