How To Make Your Marriage Stronger In 3 Steps


When planning a wedding, you have to look past that big day to what you want your actual marriage to be. The actions you take before the wedding are almost as important as what you do after to keep the marriage strong.

To get you started on the right foot, here is how to make your marriage stronger before you say your I-dos.

Bring money matters out in the open

One of the biggest causes of disagreements in a marriage and even divorce has to do with money. So you absolutely need to have that talk before taking the plunge. If you want to make your marriage stronger, ensure each of you open up about your earnings, debts, financial plans etc. Understand each other’s approach to money. Will you be combining your earnings after marriage? Will you have a single-income household? Don’t just assume. Have that conversation.

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Go for marriage counseling

We get it, you both are giddy with love, there can’t be any problems, right? Wrong. You do not have to wait for problems before seeking counseling. When you talk with a professional, you get to learn more about yourself and your partner. You get to dive even deeper into what makes him who he is and how he responds to certain situations. He also gets to see this side of you as well. This way, you enter the union armed with all the info you’ll need to make each other happy.

Live together / or have an experience living on your own

While this may go against many religious and traditional beliefs, there are certain benefits to living with your partner before marriage. Even if it’s spending a couple of weekends here and there together. You cannot really know someone until you live with them. So why not do it before making that massive commitment.

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Another thing that can help is if each of you has had experience living on your own. Going from your parents’ house where they take care of everything (bills, maintenance, upkeep etc) to your marital home where you’re now the one in charge can be a huge leap. You will find yourself spending the first of your marital years trying to figure so many things out instead of just enjoying each other. A smoother transition will happen if you have some experience doing things on your own. This will surely make your marriage stronger.

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What are the other things you must do to make your marriage stronger? Share in the comments below.

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