How To Spot Signs Of Depression In Your Partner


When your partner has depression, it will affect basically every area of your relationship. Sometimes, even they don’t see the problem.

If you do spot these signs of depression in your partner, then it’s time to point them out and show your support while also ensuring you are taking care of yourself too.


One of the major signs of depression is the feeling of hopelessness. Your man will consider himself to be worthless and may even see himself as a disappointment. He uses words that connote that he has given up. He can become very pessimistic and getting him to see the bright side of anything is almost impossible.


When people are depressed, they often withdraw from the world and lose interest in things they normally enjoy. They stop hanging out with friends, lose interest in their hobbies, ignore self-care and may even be uninterested in sex.

signs of depression

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Another one of the common signs of depression anxiety. Your partner may become tense, irritable, quick to anger, and restless.

Change in sleep

A depressed person might experience either extreme when it comes to sleep. It’s either they suddenly have problems falling asleep altogether, leading to insomnia. Or the depression makes them so exhausted that they sleep much more than usual.

Change in appetite

They can also go in either direction here as well. For example, people who are depressed may suddenly start finding comfort in food so they begin to overeat. Or they become uninterested in eating altogether, basically starving themselves.

signs of depression

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Suicidal thoughts

Depression does not automatically make a person suicidal. But this is definitely one of the most important signs of depression to watch out for because it is the loudest cry for help. If your man has talked, thought or attempted suicide, for whatever reason, you must never ignore it.

You can show support for a depressed partner by listening and offering words of encouragement. However, it’s important that you know your limits. Don’t spiral out of control if you cannot handle the situation. Encourage him to seek professional help.

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