Husband Bashes Wife’s Car After Being Accused Of Cheating, Wife Retaliates.


A married couple took their quarrel to a whole new level over cheating claims. A footage, which quickly went viral on social media, shows a red car repeatedly ram into a white car, in a residential street in Bangkok, Thailand.

The pair had just arrived home in the same car after going to a football match together.

An argument apparently broke out when the woman accused her husband of three years of cheating.

She got out of the car, slamming the door, before her equally angry husband rammed into her red car three times.

The wife then jumped back into her car and started driving at the side of the white car.

In a phone interview with Amarin TV yesterday, after the footage went wild online, the wife said the clip did not show the full story.

She said: “The clip makes me look like I started it but, if you saw the whole thing you’d understand that he started it.

“I was angry that he ran into my car like that and scolded me.

“We’re both in the wrong, but he started it.”

Both parties were taken into the police station and have undergone mediation over the incident.

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