‘I And My Girlfriend Now Have Sex 4 Times A Night’, Man Says After Penile Implant.


A man who used to cry himself to sleep worrying about his limp penis claims he and his partner now have sex “up to four times a night” thanks to a penis implant. Benn King, 25, from Hanworth, west London, got hooked on Viagra and could only have sex in three positions because a rare condition meant his 8 inch penis couldn’t sustain an erection.

Benn King, with his girlfriend Katie Marriner

He first realised his manhood wasn’t staying hard while masturbating aged 16 – and then he stopped waking up with a “morning glory”.

Over the next 12 months he told how masturbation and sex became increasingly difficult as the moment he stopped stimulating it, his penis would go soft.

He felt too awkward and embarrassed to confide in his school mates or girlfriend at the time and felt he had nobody to talk to after growing up without a dad.

Benn said he used to watch hardcore porn when he was younger – sometimes several times a day – which made it difficult for him to get turned on by real-life situations.

He went to see a doctor aged 21, but was told he had been masturbating too much – leaving him more upset and anxious.

Benn then started secretly ordering Viagra online from India and would sneak off to the bathroom to take a pill before sex.

He would then perform oral sex on his then-girlfriend for 20 minutes until he was hard enough for sex.

He claims to have spent hundreds of pounds on the drug over the years, which cost around £1.50 per pill and came in packs of 20.

But thanks to his implant in 2015 – which he calls his “third testicle” – he and his girlfriend of three years Katie Marriner, 25, enjoy an active sex life.

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