I miss my ex so much, what can I do to forget him?


 I just broke up with my boyfriend of two and half years due to the pressure from my parents, he is a Muslim and I’m a Christian. I love him and he loves me, too, but he used to hit me whenever we had issues.

Regardless of that, I still love him though. I broke up with him on the first of [August], I had to quickly move on with a guy I had a crush on since last year just to try and forget about him, but the memories are still there. I miss my ex so much, we virtually spent most times together, so it’s very difficult for me to move on easily without him.

What do you think I can do to forget about him, I still chat with him but I noticed he is trying to avoid chatting with me or calling me compared to when we just broke up, and it’s really killing me inside.

I love this guy I just met but the memories between me and my ex keeps coming back and disturbing me, I don’t know what to do, I’m so frustrated and confused.

Dear reader,

What you are going through is actually an understandable motion that people through after a breakup, regardless of the situation surrounding the breakup. And seeing that yours was not even voluntary, it is so logical that you are having these withdrawal symptoms.

While these symptoms are understandable and even expected, though, it does not mean that you should keep dwelling on them, or on what triggered them. That relationship is over; your boyfriend is gone. You really should let this go.

Judging by the fact that he actually used to hit you, added to the fact that you already have another man, you really need to sit back and figure out a way to le the past stay in the past and concentrate on how to heal be a better person, date better, demand better, and treat your present partner better.

You may have rationalized, justified the act of being hit by a man as an act of love, or as a bye-product of his affection for you but that’s so, so wrong. And regardless of what he’s told you, please wean yourself of such thoughts. You deserve better than that. So much better.

These article here and here will explain more ways to achieve this with little effort.

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