If You Catch Your Man Cheating, Don’t Do This


Being cheated on is one of the most devastating experiences anyone will ever have. So it’s understandable that you won’t have your wits around you all the time.

If you catch your man cheating, you’ll probably be tempted to do a lot of different things. But no matter what, you must avoid the major mistake of going after the other woman.

She didn’t hurt you, he did

When you turn your attention to the side chick, you’re missing the mark completely. This will solve absolutely nothing. In fact, it distracts you from squarely facing the real problem, which is your philandering partner.

catch your man cheating

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It’s understandable that you feel so helpless and sad that any action will make you feel good. But the truth is, you’ll be expending your energy on the wrong person and the wrong problem. Not only does this make you look weak to the woman and even your partner, but your self-esteem will also take a hit when you start obsessing over why he chose her and not you.

Will you do this forever?

If you’re with a serial cheater and you assume the solution is to fight the woman, you have to ask yourself, are you capable of fighting them all? You cannot wipe out all women from the world because you think this will fix your straying man.

catch your man cheating


When you catch your man cheating, the problem is him. Not you, not the thrashy women that “throw themselves” at him. It’s him. He made several choices before getting to the point where he did what he did. He could have turned around at any time but he didn’t.

When you face the problem squarely, instead of avoiding it, then you can then make a decision that you believe is right for you. Stay or go? Ultimately, it’s up to you.

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