Is It Wise To Loan Money To A Boyfriend? Help!


Dear Jay,
I have been saving for the past two years so I can buy a good camera and start my photography business. But my boyfriend of six months wants me to loan him the money so he can pay off a debt.

I am afraid to loan money to a boyfriend because I don’t know if I will ever get it back. But he has been insisting that if I love him, I shouldn’t say no to this request.

Jay, I love my boyfriend very much but I don’t know what I will do if that money disappears like that. I have worked very hard for it. Is It a good idea to loan money to a boyfriend if he’s really in need?

What do I do?


loan money to a boyfriend

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Dear Mercy,
You are right to be concerned. Whether or not to loan money to a boyfriend is not a decision to make lightly especially considering the fact that he may not pay you back. There are many reasons why people believe money and relationship shouldn’t mix, especially considering the fact that you only just started dating.

If you do have enough that you can give away, sure. But you have plans for this money and it’s not smart to put the needs of your boyfriend of six months over your dream. A dream you have obviously been working on longer than the relationship.

Do I think you should loan him the money? No. Not because I think he’s a no-good bum that won’t pay back (no one can know that for sure) but because at this stage, your needs are more important than his. And you should never have to do something like this for someone to “prove your love.”

Start your business. Show him you support him as he deals with his problems.

loan money to a boyfriend

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Good luck.

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