‘Lagos is a failed state under life support’ – Software engineer, Ibukun Adeniyi


Nigerian software engineer and politician, Ibukun Adeniyi has described Lagos as a ‘failed state under life support’.


According to him, ‘why do we keep celebrating mediocrity? Why is our government always quick to point to Lagos as their flagship success, while Lagos is the 3rd worse city in the world. The only other two we are better than are fighting wars. Lagos is a failed state under life support. There is more commerce in Lagos than in the whole of Greece. Yet we still don’t have good roads’.


He added that, ‘our government blames PDP for all the problems, forgetting that PDP took Nigeria from a military era where there was nothing in Nigeria and yet I don’t see them blaming Abacha. I recommend we take sometime to read the book ‘Animal Farm’ again. I am assuming most of us have read it before. When you are reading it, apply it to every aspect of our society. I’m sure you will have a lovely time.Then you will understand why we are where we are and what we must do’.

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